Term life race driver quotes

Best term life race driver quotes

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Finding affordable term life race driver quotes sometimes can be difficult. But, if you know the secrets you can narrow down the field pretty quickly.

Just as you wouldn’t go to a brain surgeon for heart surgery or a heart surgeon for brain surgery. You also wouldn’t go to a life insurance company that does not specialize in high risk activities or pre-existing medical conditions.

You see there are companies out there that specialize in term life race driver quotes. Many of these carriers may be companies you have never heard of, whereas some of these carriers are very well known huge life insurance companies.

How to find the best carriers for race driver quotes

Okay, so I am going to save you a lot of time by telling you the best way to find the carriers that specialize in race driver quotes.

An independent life insurance agency who represents dozens of carriers is your best option. But, that independent life insurance agency needs to be also experienced and have knowledge in the racing niche.

You see, the experience of your agent will allow you to not only get the best carriers, but will also give you an advocate or can negotiate with the life insurance underwriters.

Questions to answer for best quotesTerm life race driver quotes

In order for your agent to give you the best race driver quotes for term life insurance he will need some standard information regarding how long of a term you want and how much protection? 

  • Date of birth
  • Height/weight
  • Tobacco use history
  • Any medical history or medications
  • Hold a competition driver’s license from any organization
  • Attended a driver’s school
  • How long have you participated in racing
  • Date of last race, where?
  • Type of track do you race
  • How far do you travel to race
  • Ever competed outside the U.S.
  • Ever done or intend to do any stunt driving
  • Is racing your full time occupation
  • Do you compete on a traveling circuit
  • Which racing category do your participate, I.E. Drag racing, kart, off road, IMSA GT, etc.
  • Name of organization sanctioning races
  • Last 12 months total of racing, miles per race and max speeds
  • Next 12 months expected total racing, miles per race, max speeds
  • Make and model of car, displacement, class


The above questions will allow your broker the information needed to provide you with a tentative quote for coverage from several companies that specialize in race driver quotes.

Companies that specialize in racing

Here are a list of some of the life insurance companies that typically quote well for race car drivers:

  1. Banner Life Insurance Company
  2. Prudential Life
  3. Lincoln National Life
  4. Protective Life
  5. United of Omaha
  6. Principal National Life 


As it is with any life insurance policy applied for, health and lifestyle are looked at differently by all life insurance companies. The above article should give you enough information to allow you the best opportunity to find the lowest term life race driver quotes.

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