Testicular cancer and life insurance

Can I get life insurance after testicular cancer?

Testicular cancer, although uncommon is the most common type of cancer in young men ages 15-35. Finding affordable life insurance protection after a diagnosis of testicular cancer can be more difficult. But, if you know the secrets to finding the life insurance carriers that underwrite this particular condition the best it can be much easier to obtain.

All life insurance carriers evaluate your health and lifestyle differently. But, there are a few carriers in the industry that do a better job at “special risk” underwriting than others.

This article will attempt to give you information that allows you to find these carriers.

Risk factors for testicular cancer

  • Cryptorchidism (undescended testicle)
  • Previous testicular cancer in opposite testis
  • Testicular atrophy (shrunken) or dysgenesis (congenitally abnormal)
  • Family history of testicular cancer

Although the incidence of testicular cancer has been increasing, mortality rates are improving due to dramatic advances in treatment. The usual presentation of testicular cancer is a painless mass.

Staging of testicular cancer

Once a male has been diagnosed with testicular cancer a pathologist will stage the cancer. The staging of the cancer is important to the underwriter of the life insurance carrier since this will give them exact details of the spreading of the tumor:

  • Stage 1- Tumor confined to the testis
  • Stage 2- Metastasis to retro peritoneal lymph nodes
  • Stage 3- Metastasis to supradiaphragmatic lymph nodes or other organs.

Treatment for testicular cancertesticular cancer and life insurance

Almost always the initial treatment for testicular cancer involves a radical orchiectomy (removal of the testis). Those individuals with early seminomas are treated with radiation, while advanced seminomas and nonseminomas are treated with chemotherapy.

Underwriting considerations

Life insurance companies typically determine the risk class for this particular cancer by reviewing the pathology report and the staging of the cancer. If there are is no other medical history to consider and no further evidence of cancer and adequate routine care below offers some ideas of the ratings that will be considered:

Life insurance carriers typically use a chart of what is know in the industry as table ratings and flat extras to add the premium cost on top of the standard rate charged by the company.

Table ratings- A table rating is a surcharge that adds 25% per table as an additional mortality risk. As an example, a Table A rating would be an additional 25% surcharge on top of the standard printed rate for an individual’s particular age. A Table B rating would be an additional 50% surcharge on top of the standard rates. A Table C would be 75% and so on.

Most life insurance carriers will only rate up to a Table H before the applicant is declined coverage.

Flat Extra-  A flat extra is another charge that is commonly used in the industry to add a surcharge to a policy for extra mortality risk. A flat extra example may be $2.50 per thousand of coverage. So, for this example on a $100,000 policy the flat extra amount is $250 per year. ($2.50 x $100).

It is important to remember that most flat extras that are added to policies are not permanent. Most are temporary flat extras which help the insurance carrier cover the additional risk for a certain number of years. So, using the $2.50 flat extra above, the insurance company underwriter might put this additional surcharge on the policy for the first 5 years of the contract. After 5 years, the additional $250 per year would not be included in the annual premium.

Let’s look at how each stage of testicular cancer might be evaluated.

  • Stage 1- can usually be considered as soon as treatment is completed. Typical first year rating would be Table D plus an additional $5 flat extra per thousand of coverage for first 3 years of the policy.
  • Stage 2- this particular staging of testicular cancer is usually postponed until 1-2 two years after final treatment. After 1-2 years after treatment then a Table D with a $5 flat extra is possible.
  • Stage 3- this particular staging of cancer usually warrants a 2-4 year waiting period after last treatment. Depending on just how severe the disease was will determine how long the waiting period will be. And usually a Table D rating with an additional flat extra will also be warranted.
  • It is also important to remember that if coverage cannot be found thru traditional underwriting means, there may be an option for guaranteed issue coverage. 

It is important to  remember that the longer the time frame as been since the cancer occurred the better change of a standard rate with no table ratings or flat extra.

Questions for evaluating testicular cancer

Below you will find some of the questions that your agent will need in order to get you the most competitive quote in the industry. Later we will discuss how your agent can find the best company.

  1. Date of first diagnosis?
  2. How was the cancer treated? Surgery, chemotherapy, radiation
  3. Date of last treatment?
  4. Currently taking any medication?
  5. What stage was the cancer?
  6. Has there been any evidence of re-occurrce?
  7. Date of and result of most recent AFP (alpha fetorprotein) and HCG( human chorionicgonadotrophin) markers?
  8. Have you used tobacco in last 5 years?
  9. Any other medical conditions such as diabetes, high blood pressure, etc.?

In addition to the above questions it is also important to know the amount of coverage needed as well as the plan of protection. (term or whole life)

How your agent can save you time

So, where to start to find the best rates? The secret to finding the absolute lowest rates in the country for testicular cancer is to work with an insurance agent or agency who specializes in the carriers that offer the best rates.

You could spend hours searching online or requesting quotes, but how do you know these carriers are the best? Fortunately, you have landed on this page. We are experts with over 30 years experience in the special risk marketplace. We already know the handful of companies that will offer the lowest rates for this particular risk.

In fact, we make the job easy for you. We will get your information regarding your history and call and speak to the underwriters of different companies that we KNOW specialized in underwriting testicular cancer the best. We then come back to you with as many offers as we can and choose the best one. With all the top carriers to choose from this saves you time, money and the aggravation of having to call or go online and speak to several different people.

But won’t I save money by going direct or calling one of the online companies?

The simple answer is no. In fact, it may cost you more money. The rates are the same no matter where you go. In other words, no matter if you speak to me or an 1-800 BIG COMPANY you will get the same published rates for the same carrier. My Prudential published rates are the same as the BIG COMPANY Prudential rates.

But, what you won’t get from the BIG Company is the ability to negotiate offers between carriers. They are simply giving you the lowest rate class and hoping you don’t search around. We actually get you tentatively approved for coverage up front by going the extra mile and finding out about your health risk. We don’t want to put you through multiple application and insurance exams. In addition, you speak to the owner of the agency, not some 1-800 operator who may be gone the next week.

Our job is to find you the lowest rate in the country and to build a relationship with you that can last for years. You see anybody can quote a rate. We want to be your agent for the life of your policy.


If you are in the market for life insurance and have a history of testicular cancer, please give us a call at 1-888-393-9003 or email mike@specialriskterm.com. We would be happy to give you a free evaluation. Thank you for reading this blog.

Helpful Tip– To read how others are dealing with testicular cancer, and how you can educate yourself as well as others, check out http://www.aballsysenseoftumor.com/



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