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As an independent life agent I represent hundreds of companies, and have the knowledge of which carriers will consider a particular situation. I can provide you with the lowest rates available in the marketplace. Through my many years of developing relationships with insurance carriers I personally negotiate on your behalf. This saves you time and money. No more phone calls to multiple agents or filling out forms online. No huge Internet quoting company can offer you this type of personal service. If you have been turned down for coverage, rated for coverage, or just want to find out if coverage is reasonably priced then contact me and I will do the legwork for you. You will speak directly to me at 678-207-8160 or e-mail me at or

Customer Reviews

As someone with a past cancer diagnosis, finding life insurance had been a huge annoyance. Mike made it easy, and somehow found quotes that were significantly more affordable than what others gave me.

- Matthew from St. Louis, MO.

After speaking with over a half dozen insurance agents, trying to find the best rates for term life insurance given my complex medical history, I found Mike’s team.It’s hard to find in the insurance industry, but Mike comes off as a genuinely kind human being. I did not at anytime feel that I was being sold. He understood my situation, did the work, and secured me rates <50% what I was being quoted elsewhere.Keep doing what you’re doing Mike,

- Frank M. from San Francisco, CA.

With our first baby on the way, I knew I needed life insurance, but I was anxious that I would be overcharged due to a chronic medical condition. I tried working with internet brokers first, but their automatic quotes were unreliable, and they bombarded me with phone calls and emails as soon as they realized I was in the market. Then I found Mike, who specializes in finding insurance for people with chronic health concerns. He clearly explained my options and laid out all the pricing for me to choose the plan that suited me best. I now have the protection I need while keeping my premium within our budget. Thanks, Mike!

- Will P. from Fort Collins, CO.

Mike, has been doing a great job.  He has gone above and beyond my expectations in finding the right plan for me.  He was referred to me by the Marfan foundation and I have to say that I’m really impressed by his ability to come up with several creative and great solutions.  I would recommend his services

- Derek S. from Mesa, AZ.