Securing life insurance when you have a pre-existing medical condition

Does a pre-existing medical condition keep you from applying for life insurance ? Most people would agree that securing life insurance to protect their family or business makes good financial sense.  Many people feel they might not be able to afford life insurance or perhaps will get highly rated or even denied coverage due to their pre-existing condition. There may be a solution. Check out the tips below:

Tip # 1- Find an Expert agent who specializes in finding life insurance with a pre-existing medical condition

Talk to an expert. In the field of life insurance just like in any field there are agents who specialize in securing life insurance for those with pre-existing conditions. An agent with years of experience in dealing with those who have pre-existing medical conditions, participate in high risk hobbies an occupations can save you a lot of time and money.

Tip #2- Stay on top of your health

It’s important that before you apply for life insurance that you have completed all medical procedures, testing and follow-up visits. Also, be sure you are keeping up with your prescription drug usage. Underwriters do not look favorably on someone who is starting and stopping medications at their own discretion. Follow your doctors recommendations. Try to get your weight, blood pressure, cholesterol under control.

Tip # 3- Know your medical history

Know your medical history. When underwriting a policy your agent will ask lots of questions regarding your medical history. It is best to know things like most recent blood pressures, most recent cholesterol levels, most recent blood sugar readings.

If you have had a history of heart disease then know the name of the condition. If you have had a history of cancer, it is helpful to know up front the type of cancer and the stage the cancer was in when biopsied. When was your last treatment, when was your last echo-cardiogram or stress test.

Even better, try to keep a copy of your medical records on file. Know all your doctors names, address, and reason for visit.

Tip # 4- Stay ActiveTips to secure life insurance with pre-existing conditions

Don’t smoke, begin a regular exercise program. Participating in more activities  shows the underwriter you are concerned about your health. You want to paint the best picture you can for the underwriter. Know your family’s health history. Do you have long live-span in your family tree? Have your parents or siblings had any history of cancer or heart disease or other pre-existing medical conditions?

Tip # 5- Don’t Overapply

One of the most important tips is don’t apply for policies with several insurance companies at the same time. Although many people think this can help them, applying for coverage thru multiple insurance carriers can actually hurt your chances of finding coverage. Here’s why. When you apply for a policy with an insurance company you immediately go into the medical information bureau or MIB.

This is a clearinghouse of sorts for life insurance companies. It reports to the other carriers when someone applies for coverage. It is also can show if someone has been denied coverage. The more hits on your MIB report the harder it is to get coverage.

Life insurance companies are in business to make money. They do not want to spend money underwriting a policy, paying for blood tests, medical records, etc. if they see you have already shopped the coverage all over town. So, a company that might have offered you a good rate on a policy may actually just pass on underwriting you if they see multiple MIB hits.

Conclusion on how to secure life insurance with a pre-existing medical condition

Don’t give up on your hope for life insurance. There are over a thousand life insurance companies offering coverage in the United States. Most do not specialize in life insurance with a pre-existing medical conditions, high risk hobbies and occupations. But, some do. Now, with these tips you know how to prepare to find this protection.

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