Life Insurance with a Stent

Is affordable life insurance with a stent available?

In order to find the most affordable life insurance with a stent you must use an agent who specializes in this type of business.

Not all life insurance agents and agencies are the same. Some agents only sell for one carrier, while other agents may only sell to people who are in excellent health. Finding a carrier that specializes in heart disease is a game changer.

An agent with experience in this specialized field of underwriting can save you much time, money an aggravation. You see there are very few life insurance companies that are truly in the special risk arena. And those companies can sometimes be hard to find if you don’t use an agent who is independent, knowledgeable and experienced in this field of risk.

How to find the right carrier for life insurance with a stent

Okay, so fortunately you have landed on this page. We are experts at knowing which carriers do the best job in underwriting this particular risk.

When underwriting (evaluating) someone for life insurance with a stent you need to know the questions that an underwriting company will ask.

And you need an agent who will go to bat for you and represent your case to the underwriter. Half the battle is selling the underwriter on accepting this risk and why you should be insurable at an affordable rate.

Questions the life insurance company will want answeredlife insurance with a stent

  • Date of birth?
  • Height/Weight?
  • Ever used tobacco?
  • Any family history of heart disease, diabetes, stroke, cancer, heart or kidney disease?
  • When and where was the stent put in?
  • What type of stent was put in?
  • Why was the stent put in?
  • How many vessels were involved?
  • Have you ever had a stress test done? If yes, what were the results?
  • What type of follow-up testing has been done and what were the results?
  • Was there a heart attack prior to the stent being put in?
  • Are you taking any medications? If so, what and how much?
  • Are there any other problems such as diabetes, cancer history, etc.

In addition to the above medical questions, the insurer will need to know how much protection you need and what type of plan of coverage you are looking for? ( Term or Permanent Protection)

Shopping for coverage

With the information above your agent can now find the best coverage available for life insurance with a stent. Your agent will now speak to the individual carriers that specialize in this type of coverage. They will gather quotes from each insurer. Once the quotes are gathered they will present you with the best options.

This method saves so much time. By your agent doing this on an informal basis there is no need to fill out a bunch of applications and do lab tests, etc. I mean why do this if a company is not going to offer you a policy. You should only apply to a carrier once you have a good idea of a tentative offer based on the medical information provided.

Another advantage to shopping your coverage informally is to keep your name out of the MIB database. The medical information bureau gathers information when you have applied for insurance and shares it with other insurance carriers.

You don’t want a bunch of pings on your MIB file mudding up the waters. This can keep you from getting a viable offer. Again, a lot of rookie or inexperienced agent make this mistake. They will have you just fill out a bunch of applications and hope one sticks. WRONG!!!


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