Life Insurance with High Blood Pressure

Affordable life insurance with high blood pressure

Is affordable life insurance with high blood pressure available? An agent who specializes in this niche market of the life insurance world gives you the best options.

If you are only looking at one or two carriers, then you are limiting your choices. There are many companies available to offer you more affordable life insurance with high blood pressure.

You must work with an independent agent that has the experience and the knowledge of knowing what companies will offer the lowest rates on life insurance with high blood pressure.

High Blood Pressure: What is it?

When life insurance companies underwrite life insurance with high blood pressure they have guidelines they use to determine the cost of the risk.

Approximately 50 million Americans have or are being treated for high blood pressure by a doctor. Blood pressure is the force created by the heart as it pushes blood into the arteries and through the circulatory system.

The systolic pressure is the pressure of the blood flow when the heart contracts. The diastolic pressure is the pressure between contractions. Blood pressure is measured in millimeters of mercury. A typical blood pressure reading for an adult might be 127 systolic/ 78 diastolic.

Their is no absolute level of elevated blood pressure that is universally accepted as “high blood pressure.

When underwriting life insurance with high blood pressure, underwriters are not only concerned with the high blood pressure, but also what high blood pressure could contribute to:

High blood pressure indicates that the heart is working harder than normal putting both the heart and the arteries under a greater strain.

If high blood pressure is not treated, the heart may have to work progressively harder to pump enough blood and oxygen to the body’s organs and tissues to meet their needs.

Also, when the heart is forced to work harder for an extended time, it tends to enlarge. Arteries can become scarred, hardened and less elastic.

This can make the heart, brain and kidneys particularly susceptible to damage by high blood pressure.

In 90-95% of the cases the cause of high blood pressure is unknown. In the remaining cases, high blood pressure is a symptom of some underlying problems such as kidney disease, tumor, or congenital defect of the aorta.

How do insurance companies view high blood pressure?

When insurance companies evaluate applicants for life insurance with high blood pressure, they generally consider all readings within the last 12 months. This typically gives them a good ideas of the control of the blood pressure.

Insurance companies do not like to see blood pressure readings that are high one month and normal the next. A good history of maintained blood pressure readings will usually see the best rates.

Underwriters also consider other cardiovascular risk factor such as:

  • Build
  • ECG findings
  • cholesterol levels
  • diabetes history
  • family history
  • tobacco use

In addition, proper medical care and proper use of prescribed medication are important factors. An individual who takes themselves off of their high blood pressure medication or “only takes it when they don’t feel good” will not be looked upon favorably by most carriers.

Generally, individuals whose average blood pressure reading during the past 12 months fall within the range on the chart below, will not be charge an extra premium or surcharge for blood pressure history:

AGES 18-34          140/90

AGES 35-49          150/90

AGES 50-69          150/95

AGES 70 +            160/95      

Any blood pressure readings averaging higher than the above will typically be evaluating based on their individual readings, medical history and any other contributing factors.

What about white coat syndrome?

Many individuals suffer from white coat syndrome. This condition can elevate blood pressure readings during a routine visit or when an insured who is applying for life insurance with high blood pressure takes their insurance exam.

White coat typically occurs in about 20% of the population. If an insured needs to have a blood pressure check for life insurance, typically the examiner will try and do 3 readings in order to get an accurate reading.

If the underwriter sees abnormally high readings during the exam, but normal readings are found on the personal doctor’s records, the exam readings can be re-tried on a different day. Most insurance companies will try and make sure that “white coat syndrome” doesn’t have a negative affect on their insurance rating.

Questions for evaluating life insurance with high blood pressure

When an individual is shopping for life insurance with high blood pressure, they will typically need to answer some basic questions.

These questions will help assist the agent on knowing what insurance companies might offer the most affordable rates. It is important to be truthful and to provide as much information as possible.

Below are some of the questions that are usually asked:

  • Date of Birth?
  • Date high blood pressure was diagnosed?
  • What was your most current blood pressure reading?
  • Are you currently on medication? If so, name and dosage?
  • Any history of chest pain or coronary artery disease?
  • Any family history of high blood pressure, heart disease or stroke?
  • Any history of TIA or stroke?
  • Any history of enlarged heart?
  • Any history of diabetes or peripheral vascular disease?
  • An kidney disease?
  • Height/Weight?
  • Any other major medical issues?
  • Plan of coverage and amount of coverage?

How to find the best rate?

The first step in finding the most affordable rate for life insurance with high blood pressure is your agent. Your agent must have experience in this area of specialized underwriting.

Remember, all insurance companies basically publish the same rates. But, only a handful of companies are truly in the special risk marketplace.

These companies are the ones to seek out. Your agent, if an expert will do the negotiating for you. They will gather all your information, speak to the companies that specialize in underwriting life insurance with high blood pressure.

Your agent works for you to secure the absolute lowest rate. How do you know if your agent is a specialist or a generalist? Simply ask them or google them. Ask them if they are a life insurance specialist who works with individuals with pre-existing medical history? Ask them how long they have been in the business? Ask them how many insurance companies they represent?Ask them for referrals to other customers with pre-exisiting medical conditions.

We are experts. We are life insurance specialists. We have been finding the most affordable life insurance with high blood pressure for 30 years.

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