Auto Racing and Life Insurance

Does auto racing keep me from getting life insurance?

Auto racing is a sport enjoyed by professionals and weekend warriors alike. The sport is exciting but can also be dangerous. Most life insurance companies will want to find out all the particular details about the auto racing in order to properly underwrite this risk.

Finding affordable life insurance coverage can sometimes be a challenge for those that participate in auto racing. But, not all life insurance carriers look at the risk the same.

Many carriers have no inclination to offer a competitive rate on auto racing no matter how much training, safety certificates or precautions you take. These carriers are simply not in the market to underwrite this type risk.

Other carriers can be much more lenient in how they view your auto racing history. Of course, they will still want all the details of what type of car, how fast, what type of track, etc. But they are much more likely to give you a better rate.

How do you find the best carrier for auto racing?auto racing and life insurance

The secret to finding the best rate for those carriers who specialize in auto racing is to work with a life insurance agent or agency who also specializes in finding the most affordable protection for this type of coverage.

Fortunately, you have landed on this page. We know the carriers that give you the best shot at the lowest rates. We know the questions to ask, we know how to negotiate with each carrier to make the earn your business.

How to get the lowest rate?

It’s important to understand a couple of things when researching which carrier to go to when looking for coverage in this situation. First, what amount of protection do you require?

Some carriers only offer minimum amounts of coverage for this type risk, while other carriers may offer millions of protection if the need is financially justified. Second, what type of coverage do you need? Are you looking for term life coverage or permanent life insurance such as universal life or whole life?

Some carriers may be more competitive in the term life insurance marketplace where others might offer better protection if you are looking for a more permanent need?

Again, the best way to find the company that will offer you the amount of coverage you need, along with the plan of coverage you want is to work with an independent life specialist who already knows which carriers offer you a combination of both.

Typical questions that need answered

When looking for coverage for auto racing you will need to provide detailed information regarding your racing. This questions will include some of the following:

  • Do you hold a competition drivers license from any organization?
  • Have you ever attended any driver’s school?
  • How long have you been participating in racing?
  • Date of last race?
  • What type of track do you race on?
  • How far do you travel to race?
  • Is racing full time?
  • Type of car used for racing?
  • Miles per race
  • Max speeds attained
  • Do you own a competition vehicle? Make and Model? Displacement? Class?

In addition to the details about the racing you will typically need to answer questions about your health. Some of these questions will include:

  • Date of birth
  • Male or Female
  • Tobacco use within last 5 years
  • Height/weight
  • Taking any current prescriptions?
  • Have any major medical history such as heart disease, diabetes, cancer history, etc.

The answer to these questions will go a long way in helping your agent (hopefully us) determine how much your protection will cost.


Life insurance protection is vital to protect your family or business form the unforeseen. We are experts in finding coverage for those who participate in hazardous activities. If you would like a free consultation please don’t hesitate to contact the owner Mike Raines at 678-207-8160 or

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Thank you very much, Mike, for all your help in this long process. I know it wasn’t easy, but I appreciate you not giving up on my application and helping provide peace of mind to me and my family.

- Craig S. from Savannah, Ga.

As someone with a past cancer diagnosis, finding life insurance had been a huge annoyance. Mike made it easy, and somehow found quotes that were significantly more affordable than what others gave me.

- Matthew from St. Louis, MO.

Best rates and best service I have ever received.

- Robert from Kennesaw, GA.

Mike and his team made the entire process from start to finish very seamless and also overcame the task with us being multiple states apart with ease. With the easy process and very competitive priced insurance for high risk athletes, you have no need to look anywhere else for coverage. Thanks to Mike and his team for all they did and I highly recommend them for your Special Risk Life Insurance needs.

- Tyler C. from Danville, VT.

I could not be happier working with Mike Raines to get life insurance coverage for myself after having been declined for health reasons by my employer. My wife and I just had a son and it had become more imperative than ever that my family be protected if I were to pass away. The health screening appointment was conducted at my home around my schedule, which was very convenient. It was clear to me that Mike went above and beyond to make sure the underwriter fully understood my situation, going to bat for me so that I would not be declined again. I am a very happy customer.

- Daniel S. from Seaside, CA.

It’s not easy to find life insurance with a chronic condition such as crohn’s disease which is why I greatly appreciated having Mike on my team. Mike is responsive, patient, professional and indefatigable- all things you need when you’re looking for a competitive policy. Knowing my family will be taken care is not only a relief but a huge confidence boost and I’m thankful Mike works in the special risk insurance arena. I would absolutely work with him again. Thank you Mike!

- Bobby from Washington D.C.

I tried several places before I came across Mike’s website. The insurance at these other places was either very expensive, or the company wouldn’t cover me because of my health history. Mike was able to find me a reasonably priced policy with a major insurer. He did a great job locating a policy that works well for me.

- Jeff from Hermon, ME.

Two Thumbs Up for Mike at Special Risk Term

- Yaniv from Troy, MO.

As part of the process of buying a new business, I needed life insurance. However, my congenital heart defect made agents squirm over the phone. Then I found Mike, who not only understood my situation, but found two solutions for me. Within a week, I had confirmation of an AD&D policy and a Term Life policy…all at very reasonable rates. The sense of relief can’t be underestimated. Thank you, Mike!

- Heather G. From Crestview, Fl.

Mike did an awesome job in finding affordable coverage for myself and my husband. Highly recommend his services.

- Shannon from Atlanta, GA.

We work with individuals across the nation to secure the best life insurance rates.

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