Life Insurance with a Defibrillator

Can I find affordable life insurance with a defibrillator?

This article will attempt to provide you with information on finding affordable life insurance with a defibrillator.

An implantable cardioverter-defibrillator(ICD) is a device implanted inside the body. This device is similar to a pacemaker but with some differences.

Both ICDs and pacemakers are devices that are implanted insider the bodies of heart patients. A pacemaker is a small device that’s placed under the skin of your chest or abdomen to help control abnormal heart rhythms. It uses electrical pulses to prompt the heart to beat at a normal rate.

Pacemakers are used to treat heart rhythms that are too slow, fast, or irregular. These abnormal heart rhythms are called arrhythmia’s. Pacemakers can relieve symptoms related to arrhythmia’s, such as fainting or fatigue. A pacemaker can help a person who has an abnormal heart rhythm resume a more active lifestyle.

ICD’s are used for irregular heartbeats as well as for the risk of sudden cardiac arrest. This device sends electrical pulses or shocks to the heart when it senses any abnormalities in heartbeat. As an example, a person with an ICD has an irregular heartbeat or goes into sudden cardiac arrest, the device will send a shock to the heart to restore normal heart rhythm.

The biggest difference between an ICD and pacemaker is that an ICD continually monitors heart rhythm and can send low or high energy electical pulses to correct an abnormal heart rhythm.

Pacemakers, however, only give low energy electrical impulses to restore heartbeat.

There is no denying that finding life insurance can be more difficult for individuals with ICD’s.

The number one key to finding life insurance with a defibrillator is to work with an agent or agency that specializes in finding affordable coverage for individual’s with pre-exisiting medical conditions.

The special risk life insurance arena is overall a very small market niche. Many life insurance companies simply will decline or decide to pass on insuring individuals with a history of using an ICD.

An independent agent who represents dozens of life insurance carriers and that has been active in the special risk market will be your best ally.

These agents should have years of experience in working in this special risk area. Being familiar with questions that an underwriter will need answered regarding the cardiac history of the prospect will put your agent heads and shoulders above the typical agent.

 Questions for underwriting life insurance with a defibrillator

The following questions are what an insurance company underwriter would typically need answered in order to evaluate the risk for life insurance:

  1. When was the ICD implanted?
  2. What reason was the ICD implanted?E.G.. Congenital heart block, Heart block associated with coronary artery disease, complete heart block or sick sinus syndrome, atrial flutter/fibrillation, other?
  3. What are the details of the heart disease?
  4. Have you had any complications from the ICD? E.G. Infection, ICD malfunction, Blood clots, Perforation?
  5. Do you still have continued symptoms since the ICD was implanted? If yes, details?
  6. What are your current medications?
  7. Have you used tobacco products in last 5 years?
  8. Do you have any other major health problems? E.G. cancer, diabetes, etc.
  9. Male or Female
  10. Date of birth

In addition to the answers to the questions above, it is also important to know the amount of coverage desired and plan of protection.

The process for finding the best offer on life insurance with a defibrillator

Once the agent gathers the answers to the questions above the real work for finding an offer for coverage begins. Your agent will then begin to shop your coverage to the best insurance company available.

Most typical insurance agents with no experience in the special risk marketplace would simply send an application to their primary carrier or maybe several carriers. This can be a big mistake and could hurt the prospects chances of finding an affordable rate.

Simply stated, if an insurance company is not in the “special risk” area you are wasting your time and money sending in an application. Let’s face it, lots if not most of the life insurance companies only want squeaky clean risks. By submitting an application to a carrier that has no intention of insuring you simply hurts your chances.

You see when an application is submitted on a formal basis it is then submitted thru the medical information bureau. This is the clearinghouse for insurance companies. If you are declined or rated for insurance it will show up in the MIB file. This can hurt your chance for future offers of coverage.

Once an insurance company sees a decline or rating in your MIB file they will be more suspicious or shall we say less excited to make a viable offer.

The correct way to shop your protection needs is for your special risk agent to gather your information and speak to the companies directly about your case. This can be done informally by simply a phone call or perhaps thru a process called a trial application.

This gives the agent the opportunity to have the companies that “specialize” in this type of risk to compete for your business without a formal application and having an affect on your MIB file.

Once the companies review your information your agent will then provide you with the offers from the different carriers.

If for some reason no offer is available from the “special risk” carriers their is still an option for coverage.

Many life insurance companies offer guaranteed issue policies or reduced death benefit policies. These unique policies can sometimes be a last resort for those individuals who simply cannot find an offer thru the special risk process.


So, there you have it. Life insurance with a defibrillator can be available, but it is important that you only work with an agent that has the knowledge, the experience and the companies that actually give you the best shot at finding an affordable offer.

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