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You’ve found the best place for Georgia life insurance. To locate the lowest rates offered in the state of Georgia go ahead and click on our home page.  You will have instant rates from the top carriers offered in Georgia.

Is there a real difference in Georgia life insurance carriers?

Remember, not all carriers that offer Georgia life insurance are the same. Some of the lowest cost term providers in Georgia include: Legal & General , Prudential, American General Life, Lincoln Financial Life, North American Life, Transamerica, Protective Life and Mutual of Omaha. Many of these popular life insurance companies also offer annuities, long term care coverage, Medicare supplement and disability income protection.

Many companies will quote low-cost rates online or over the phone, but when it comes time to get approved for the coverage, those rates somehow always seem to disappear. Make sure you work with an agent that knows which companies will typically give you the rates quoted if all information is accurate.

What are the lowest priced plans?

If your goal is maximum protection with the lowest cost possible then an affordable term life plan from any of the carriers above will do the job. If you are not sure how much coverage you need you can click here for assistance.

Also, keep in mind that if you are in excellent health, a non-tobacco user and have good family history many companies will classify you as a preferred or even super preferred risk and offer you even lower premiums. The secret is working with a knowledgeable agent who knows how to negotiate on your behalf to make sure you get the best possible rate.

If your needs are more for burial costs and final expense, then several companies offering Georgia life insurance will do so without a physical exam or bloodwork. Many companies may even be able to offer coverage if you have had health problems. These policies typically can be issued from $5,000 to $50,000 in coverage.

What if I have had medical problems?

A Georgia independent life agent will know what companies to look at when you are dealing with some type of medical history. Many carriers have strict guidelines on certain medical conditions, occupations and hazardous activities.

Only a Georgia independent agent who has the experience and knowledge of which carrier will insure a particular risk can give you the best options.

How do I know if the company is safe?

It is is important when choosing Georgia life insurance to use a strong, highly rated company. You can find out the strength and financial ratings of a life insurance company by going to the A.M. Best rating service. Ask your agent for more information on the company you choose. Do your research online about any company you are thinking about applying to.

What about the quoting companies I see on TV?

In today’s world of one-click service, it is usually easy to find life insurance rates from a number of sources including those that advertise on TV and radio. But, remember the cost is no cheaper from buying it from the big national quoting company than with your local agent. In fact, many times you can get cheaper rates by using a local agent.

With any life insurance policy purchased there has to be an agent assigned. Why not get the service of a local agent along with the ability to quote from every major life insurance carrier in the marketplace. In addition, when working with a local agent you will have a real person to speak with each time you need service.

These call centers take hundreds and hundreds of requests each day and have massive sales quotas. Many use young inexperienced agents and push whatever company that may be the easiest to close. Also, most of these calling centers only represent a very limited number of carriers. This alone limits your ability to accurately shop all the providers available in the marketplace.

Now, I’ll admit if someone is a super healthy risk and does not about having an ongoing  relationship with their life insurance agent in the future, then the call centers can sometimes be a viable option. But, what happens if you need to call back and speak to someone or make a change in your policy? Who is going to be there to assist you down the road when a claim occurs. Most likely your call center agent will be long gone. What are the odds that you would ever talk to the same person?

How is a local Georgia agent better?

Let’s use an example. Suppose John from Savannah calls one of the big 1-800 call centers in California and discusses his need for life insurance protection. At the time Joe is a 45 non-smoker who occasionally chews tobacco but is otherwise healthy.

The call center agent who gets hundreds of calls per day immediately quotes Joe as a tobacco user since 90% of the companies in the marketplace would also consider him just like a smoker. He quotes him a rate of $150 per month on a 20 year level policy. Joe, thinking hey I called this big company I saw online , they must know what the best rate is in the country is. So, Joe goes ahead and purchase the policy and goes on his merry way.

But, what Joe doesn’t know is that another insurance company would offer the same plan of coverage for a lot less. Why? Because they do not consider Joe a tobacco user. In fact, with their company Joe could possible qualify for a preferred non-tobacco class. The difference in rate is huge. The non-tobacco risk class would be about half of the tobacco rate class. Over a 20 year level period, this is a savings of $18,000.

And all because the new young agent at the big online call center did not have the knowledge, experience or possibly the time to investigate all the options available. This becomes even more apparent when an individual has other issues like high blood pressure, diabetes, overweight, etc.

There is absolutely no substituent for the experience, knowledge and personal hands on negotiating of a local life insurance broker. Don’t let what happen to Joe happen to you. Call or contact us to find the most affordable rates for Georgia life insurance. You can reach us at 1-888-393-9003 or


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I am an independent life insurance agent with over 30 years’ experience. I am an expert in finding coverage for those with past or current medical history such as heart disease, diabetes, post cancer, etc. I also specialize in those that participate in scuba diving, mountain climbing, private pilots, etc. I work with the best life insurance companies in the nation, such as Prudential, AIG, Protective Life, Transamerica to name a few. Each carrier has different opinions on rates and underwriting, and it is my job to match you with the best company. To do that, I need to ask you a few questions about your health and lifestyle to qualify you.

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