income replacement

Income Replacement

What is income replacement? Income replacement coverage establishes security against loss by providing funds to repay personal debt and continue income. This type of planning is essential in maintaining a current lifestyle.   How much income replacement do I need? Everyone’s situation is different. There is definitely no tried and true answer to this question. There are.. More

final expense policy

Final Expense Policy

What is a final expense policy? A final expense policy is typically a type of whole life insurance used in planning for one’s final expenses such as burial, funeral and paying off any secure creditors. According to the National Funeral Directors Association, the average cost of a funeral is approximately $8500. This average does not include.. More

universal life insurance

Universal Life Insurance

What is universal life insurance? Universal life insurance is a type of permanent insurance protection. This type policy is offered in most states. Universal life insurance is different than term life insurance. A  universal life insurance policy offers an individual not only the ability to have death benefit protection, but also the ability to earn interest on excess premiums… More

Retirement planning using life insurance

Retirement Planning using Life Insurance

What is retirement planning using life insurance? Retirement planning using life insurance is an option that some people may want to consider.  If you’re concerned about the financial security for your family today and feel uneasy about your future retirement planning goals, it may be time to consider life insurance. With life insurance you gain death benefit.. More

college planning with life insurance

College Planning With Life Insurance

What is college planning with life insurance? College planning with life insurance is a self-completing plan. The primary purpose for life insurance is to provide a death benefit to beneficiaries. This benefit protection can make life insurance an attractive choice to help fund a college education in case of a premature death. Life insurance also can provide.. More

Life Insurance Planning

Life Insurance Planning- Finding the plan that fits!

Life Insurance Planning should be the bedrock of any serious financial, retirement or estate plan. According to surveys with LIMRA, Americans continue to see the value in life insurance planning. In fact, six in 10 people own life insurance, and for those who don’t have it many agree they need it. Life Insurance Planning can be as.. More